Fragments of beauty.

When I was younger I always wanted to make a difference, I wanted to make a statement. There are so many things wrong in the world, so many things make me upset. I wanted to tell and shout about the wrongs. I wanted to bring to light the bad that were not seen. I wanted to underline the facts that were actually false. I was horrified to realize I could not, that was not my way. That was not how I could make a difference. Then I started to search for my way.

And I found it, the "silent rebellion" as I named it. Instead of pointing out the wrong, why not show all the beautiful things that exists? I want to remind of the beauty that is all over if one is just willing to see past the negative. For all modern technology and fast moving colorful images we are facing in our everyday lives there seems to be little time and sensitivity to see the real beauty around us. A kind of beauty that does not have flashy colors and does not make noise. The kind of beauty that is available for everyone, but not everyone knows how to look for it or how to see it. The kind of a beauty that matters. Beauty itself is very difficult to capture, yet if I can just paint fragments of it I will be pleased.

Most of my paintings originate from my memories. But for me to be honest to the painting itself, it might just lead me somewhere else. I feel it is important to give time for the process of painting to see where it might lead me. One can not force the image, but to follow it. So the motives I begin with might not be present in the completed piece. I always aim to make a perfect piece of art and within the painting to shape each detail as perfect as I can. I will not force my lines to be straightened with a ruler, I want to create them myself as perfect as I can. My technic requires a lot of time and many layers of paint. I often repeat certain motives or blow them out of proportion, studying how much I can extend the motives or the spaces between them, while still being part of the pattern. Slowly repeating and making an effort for each dot and every line of the work is my mantra. Creating my paintings demands a lot of time and patience from me as an artist, but also from the viewer. Looking at them requires a lot of time and patience, since my pieces are not attention grabbing but calm, harmonious and timeless. It is important that while looking at my work, one feels at ease.

The painting is complete, when there is no more to add. Nothing to take away either. As a part of my "silent rebellion" against the mad world and consumption hysteria, I want to make my paintings with as little as I can. I do want them to fully represent the feeling I have in mind, but I try to achieve it with as little as possible. My motives are simple and my colors are few in one piece of a work, but I do not want it to make a dull impression. I study through my art how little is enough for the work to be able to stand for itself. For me less is definitely more.

So I keep on working to create a perfect work of art that illuminates and illustrates the beauty of life.


Sivujen toteutus - Funky Monkey